Her story…
When she was 25 and arrived for the first time in Nepal, she fell in love with the country, the culture, the language, but most of all the people. The years that followed made her keep coming back to Nepal and she started volunteering as an English teacher in several schools. This was the moment she realised that this was the place where she would do whatever she could to help for a change. It was time to leave everything behind her and make a drastic life change. All by herself, following her heart, her dream into a new life..

You know, this dream of hers was something from deep within. It was not something that she woke up from some random day. It was something that woke her up day by day and gave her a purpose. This all started years ago.. At the age of 10 she saw a commercial on the television about starving and uneducated children in Africa. Right from that moment she knew she wanted to make the world a better place. Make a change, even though she didn’t quite know how. But there was a drive, a fire that started burning.. At the age of 17, she took the first step in the direction of trying to change the world (or at least for the direct world around her). She chose to study for a degree of Bachelor of Education to become a teacher, just like her mom who has been a great example for her.. At 21 years old, she started to travel the world. She could see that a lot needed to be changed, a lot that didn’t match up with the version of the world that her childhood innocence sold her on. And if she wanted to make a change, she had to do it with the skills she owned. She could talk, write and teach. She could inspire.. But where to start?

And at that very moment, she met him, the perfect man, on a tiny little island in Indonesia. A man who didn’t just listen to her dream, but understood the huge importance of it. A man who made the biggest life change possible (for which she will always be grateful) in exchange for a life full of uncertainty (but purposeful) and risks. A man who pushes her to her limits (trekking for 21-days straight in the Himalaya) and inspires her to achieve the unimaginable. A man who’s there for her when she falls and helps her back up. A man.. Her man.. who just won’t let her do it all by herself. And at the age of 30 she arrived back in Nepal, this time with the love of her life who told her: ‘Let’s make your dream come true together!’

His story…
Since a young age he has always been attracted to challenges and the need to be active. The choice for a military career seemed to be a good option. He studied in the Royal Military Academy in Belgium and became an officer in the commando-paratrooper unit. After many hard and intense trainings, he finally got were he wanted to be, at the head of a platoon in an active combat unit. He was so satisfied with his job and things were going well. But there was still something missing..

This burning desire to travel the world and discover new places was growing bigger and bigger. But he was not ready yet to bring this idea to life and take the actual step of quitting and leaving everything behind..

And at that very moment he met her on this tiny island in Indonesia. She was that spark that brought this dream to life. Suddenly things were falling in place and he left his comfort zone to travel the world with her. When they arrived in Nepal, his addiction for adventures, his passion for outdoor and his amazement to the beauty of nature made him fall in love with the country from that first day on.

Our story…
Some years and many adventures later, we had HeartWork off the ground. We work hard to make our dreams come true, and challenges are still faced everyday, indeed, living your dream requires sacrifices and efforts, but it’s all well worth it!