A school without a library? It seems unfathomable, but it’s the sad reality for a surprising number of schools in Nepal. Libraries are an afterthought, a ‘nice-to-have’ school feature, but not one that is considered vital to a student’s academic achievement. 

That’s why we were very surprised when we received a request from a teacher of the government school in Sworek Maidan, to reorganise the current library and activate this learning space within the school. 

If we wanted to do this the right way, to develop a strong reading community, it was important to us, to also start including the other members of the community into this library. For this reason we’ve decided to transform the school library into a community library. That’s how our purpose was born:

To make all resources available to every student and member of the community (regardless of age or financial status), so that individuals and the community can move towards lifelong learning, social development and empowerment.

In the last week of February 2020, we set up a library committee and decided on the most essential things like; how to classify the books, an easy (low-tech) issuing system and a way to administrer the current collection. 

We are currently sorting the books and clearing/redecorating the library. We will keep you updated about the process and will share the ‘after’ photos on our website.